What is Matcha?

Matcha is a stone ground powder made from green tea leaves. The Japanese have mastered the complex process of growing and harvesting matcha. 

We source our matcha from the Nishio region of Japan. In their rich soil, the matcha is shade grown to increase Chlorophyll levels giving its deep color and aroma. The green tea leaves are hand-picked, steamed, and dried. Then the green tea leaves are stone milled into a fine powder. (similar consistency to makeup)

The Japanese have been drinking matcha for 800 years in a unique and respected tea ceremony. Monks and samurai used to drink this because of its high amount of L-theanine (amino acid) and caffeine giving them a sustained state of calm and alertness. One cup of Matcha is nutritionally equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. Matcha is jam-packed with countless health benefits. Fast forward to modern time and matcha can be seen in pastries, lattes, and ice cream. Read more on matcha and what TIME has to say!

Grön Matcha is a premium grade Japanese Organic Matcha. We only use the highest grade matcha to ensure quality and taste for our customers. You can see and taste the difference!

How to Prepare Matcha 

There are many ways to prepare matcha but most of us don't have time to have a Matcha ceremony every time you want a cup.  So here are some quick and easy ways to prepare Matcha.

How to make matcha tea